Safety Seats for Pets Riding in Cars
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Safety Seats for Pets Riding in Cars

Many pets love to go for car rides with their pet parents. Most dogs and cats could be in danger in the car if not secure in a seat or harness. Injuries can happen to the pet if the car stops suddenly or has a crash.

Most dogs love to go for car rides with their pet parents. Cats may not be as eager to get into a car as a dog but all pets should be secure. For the pet’s safety, all animals should be confined within the car. Many harnesses, car seats and booster seats are available from the larger pet supply stores. Installation of the pet booster seat is relatively easy and worth the protection and security provided for your pet. As the pet parent of three Chihuahua dogs who love car rides, I can attest to their secure car ride in their individual booster seats in the vehicle. They are safe and actually enjoy their personal seats.

Choose the appropriate pet booster seat for your pet. Most of these car seats are made to accommodate a small to medium-sized pet up to 30 pounds.

Open the booster seat and get familiar with all the straps. There will be straps that attach from the body of the seat to the top of the seat, on the top of the seat to the headrest and at the back of the seat to attach to the car seat itself.

Adjust the straps from the body of the booster seat to the top of the seat so it stays in an open position for the comfort of your pet. Depending on the brand you purchase, a pad will be positioned in the seat for your pet’s relaxation.

Take the strap from the top portion of the booster seat and attach to the headrest of the car. The strap is adjustable so that when fully attached, the seat is high enough so that your pet can see out the window.

Attach the longer straps at the bottom back of the booster seat to the back of the car seat. The straps are long enough to adjust to the back of any car seat. If not, attach this back strap on the booster seat to its smallest position and put your car seat belt through the strap to keep it in place for safety.

Use the noose attachment within the booster seat to connect to your pet’s collar or harness.

Pets that are heavier than 30 pounds can ride safely in the car with a harness that can be purchased at most local pet stores. The harness attaches to the car safety belt.

For more security for your pet, put a blanket and a favorite toy in the booster seat while in the car.

Directions for the seats vary slightly depending on the brand of seat you purchase. The above instructions sound more difficult than they are and are more simplified once you get a good secure seat for your pet.


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