Human Foods That Are Potentially Fatal to Dogs
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Human Foods That Are Potentially Fatal to Dogs

What people foods are not safe for dogs to eat. What human foods are dangerous for dogs to consume. Tips for dog owners regarding feeding people food. What should you never feed your dog? House hold hazards for dogs? Are raw eggs okay for dogs? What people food should my dog not eat? Can dogs eat the same food as people?

If you are a dog owner you need to be aware that somethings that humans can eat are toxic to dogs. Most people are aware that chocolate, onions, and grapes are bad for dogs, but what other human foods are not safe for dogs to eat?

Chocolate, Onions, and Grapes

These are the big three things most known to be bad for dogs. People might puzzle at these, having given them to their dogs in the past, but just because you have given your dog chocolate with no problems (for example) does not mean that one day the dog will not drop over dead from it. Chocolate often contains different ingredients, and different dogs have different sensitivities, so one day chocolate might be fine, but another a day some other chocolate might be deadly.

Grapes and onions are also known to be bad or dogs although some people feel that in limited amounts they are safe, but is it really worth the risk? One of the reasons people think these foods are safe is because they do not kill the dog outright, rather they cause long term damage which may eventually lead to death. Anemia is associated with eating onions, while kidney damage occurs from eating grapes.

You are better off to simply not feed any chocolate, grapes, or onions, to your dog. You may feed carob as a chocolate replacement.

Other People Foods that are Not Safe For Dogs to Eat

  • Garlic is often fed to dogs and is said to reduce problems with fleas, but it also contributes to the dog developing anemia. Along this line anything from the onion family, such as chives, should be considered not safe for dogs to eat. Onion powder, and garlic powder (often in gravies) is out!
  • As with grapes; raisins and currents are also not safe for dogs to eat.
  • Avocados can make dogs very ill.
  • Persimmons are not safe for dogs.
  • Some mushrooms can cause liver or kidney problems so mushrooms in general should not be fed to a dog.
  • Raw eggs can give a dog salmonella, and can cause problems for the dog absorbing some vitamins.
  • Macadamia nuts can cause problems for some dogs.
  • Excessive amounts of baking soda is not safe. Other baking supplies such as artificial sweeteners,and salt, should not be fed to dogs.
  • Broccoli, and other members of the cabbage family, can cause stomach pains and should not be fed in large amounts.
  • Some dogs are lactose intolerant, while dairy is not considered toxic it can make some dogs sick.
  • Fatty foods (including dairy) can contribute to causing the dog to develop pancreatitis.
  • Caffeine is not safe for dogs.
  • Alcohol is not safe for dogs.
  • Vitamins made for humans should not be fed to dogs.
  • Food colorings used used in some human foods (and even in some dog foods) have been linked to causing behavior problems in dogs (and in people too).

Other Things that Should Not be Fed to Dogs

If you will not consider eating something, do not feed it to your dog. While dogs can have some left overs they should never have table scraps. Things like green potatoes, green tomatoes, rhubarb leaves, moldy food, and so forth should not be offered to your dog or put in the garbage where your dog might get it.

Do not use human toothpaste on dogs.

Cat food is too rich for dogs to eat on a regular basis.

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Comments (8)

I'm grateful for this article, Brenda. All my life I've been appalled by people who think that people and animal food is interchangeable. I know popele who haven't bought dog or cat food for years, and their pets are just as obese as they are. It's sad.

James you are right, obesity in pets is on the rise, people think they are showing Love to their pets by feeding them but really they are killing them.

I think you should have to pass a test to have a pet. It would at least lessen the frequency of animal abuse.

Good list. I did not know much of it. If they did have "what a dog can eat test" I think I would not pass...

Very well done article for all pet owners.Promoted.

Great tips for pet lovers and everyone as well, great job.

I am returning with a well deserved vote up.

Oh, thank you for this list! From one obvious animal lover to another, I must say that this is Sichuan an important message. Voting it up and sharing/promoting too.