How to Protect Your Dog and Keep It Safe
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How to Protect Your Dog and Keep It Safe

When you choose to adopt a puppy or rescue a dog, you have made that commitment to provide it all the necessities in life. In order for your dog to live a long and happy life, there are steps you need to take to protect your dog and keep it safe. Learn some of the things you must consider in order to guarantee your dog a safe, long and happy life.

Protecting and saving your dog’s life requires responsibility on the part of the pet parent. You get a new puppy or adopt/rescue a dog and vow to provide a happy home and good life for that new family member. Care goes far beyond a new bed, toys and nutritious food.  Preventative measures are always necessary in order to keep your pet safe for as long as it relies on you for its care and well-being.

The first responsibility is the health of your dog. Find yourself a good, reputable veterinarian, one that you can trust – one who has the best interest of your pet at heart. Yearly examinations, tests and vaccinations are necessary in providing your dog a vital and healthy life.

Your dog should be provided with a collar and dog tags or a microchip. You never want to experience your pet getting lost but should always be prepared in the event of loss. Your veterinarian can implant the microchip for little cost or any of the larger pet supply stores have an array of pet ID tags. Be sure to get the information changed when you move. You should also have an up-to-date picture of your pet in the unfortunate case of a runaway.

Do not walk your dog without a secure collar or harness and dog leash. Even if your dog is the best-behaved animal, a dog that walks without a leash can escape in a moment when it sees something inviting to chase. Too many dogs are placed in danger of getting hit by a car. Restrain your dog on a lead at all times for its own safety and protection.

Pet insurance can be beneficial for the health of your dog. Rates for pet insurance are based on the age of your pet but can be a blessing if feasible. Dogs can get many of the diseases that affect humans such as diabetes, cancer, tumors, infections and more. Dogs also get into a lot of dangerous situations where they get injured, poisoned and bitten by another animal.  There are several insurance options, so if you can, shop around to get the best quotes and be sure your veterinarian accepts your insurance of choice. It may give you peace of mind and save your dog’s life.

There are many other ways to protect and keep your dog safe. Be sure you have a safe, fenced-in yard for your dog to play in and relieve itself. The yard should be free of nails, boards and wires sticking out, with a safe and secure gate. Check all around the fencing to be sure there are no holes or gaps underneath where a dog can escape.

Remember to keep the home and yard pet-proofed – with all toxins and dangerous substances in locked cabinets, out of the reach of your dog. That includes automobile fluids, cleaners, medications, and human foods – anything that can cause harm to your pet.

It does take a little extra effort on your part to protect and save the life of your dog but when you take on that responsibility to have a pet, you are committing to its care and best interest for a long, happy and healthy life.                                  

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