How to Keep Pets Safe at Halloween
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How to Keep Pets Safe at Halloween

Pet safety at Halloween. Concerns for pet owners in regards to Halloween. How to keep a cat safe at Halloween. How to keep a dog safe at Halloween.

Sadly what should be a fun time of year has been turned into a dangerous one for our pets.  Halloween, also known as All Hallows Eve, or Samhain, has become a time when people find excuses to harm other people's pets.  Additionally it is a time of year when pets are easily scared or confused by the noise and unusual activity.  It is up to a pet's owner to keep the animal safe on October 31.

Pet Safety Before Halloween

Sadly some people like to play cruel pranks involving stealing people's pets prior to Halloween. These pranks can go so far as animal cruelty, as sometimes pets are killed or tortured as part of a prank, or twisted form of animal sacrifice. As such it is a good idea to keep pets, and particularly cats, indoors starting around about the middle of October.

Along these lines anyone who is getting rid of an unwanted pet should be very careful because this is another way people might try to acquire animals they wish to harm.

Another concern is people who get black cats as novelty items for Halloween parties. They often acquire black cats, or kittens, then abandon them following the holiday. As such a person who is giving away a black cat, should be extra cautious about who they give it to.

Note: The ancient pagans did not celebrate Samhain with cat sacrifice, people who engage in harming animals today simply use this as an excuse, albeit a poor, and historically incorrect, one.

halloween pets

Pet Safety on Halloween Day

Cats and dogs should be confined to a quiet part of the house, or the basement. This will keep them safe, as having so many people come to the door might scare them. Some pets are apt to run out the open door into streets filled with chaos, and could get lost. Dogs who are upset are likely to bite. The noises can be stressful to pets as such they may be better off kept out of the activities.

If a person feels confident about their dog not being a problem they should still put up a baby gate at the front door to stop it from running out or to stop little children from entering into the dogs home and potentially upsetting the dog. Remember that seeing kids in costumes could be confusing to your dog.

Some people may want to dress their dog and take it trick or treating with them. The dog should be very well socialized prior to this, and should be on a short leash, and be made to sit at the doors. The dog should be familiarized with walking while wearing a costume prior to that night or it may be confused, scared, or uncomfortable.

dog in halloween costume

Halloween Risks

One Halloween risk that should not be overlooked is the fact that certain chocolate is fatal to dogs. Dogs must be kept away from getting into Halloween candy.

Pumpkins should be kept where a dog cannot knock it over when it has a candle inside. You may want to note that dogs do like to eat pumpkin.

Fireworks can be scary so dogs should not be taken to firework events.

Images from Wikimedia Commons

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Comments (6)

Very important tips and fireworks are really scary for them.

I agree with Ron. Very valuable advice.

Such important information during this time of year. Voted up!

Cute pictures Brenda and very important facts here.

Such an important article presented well by you.

We don't do Halloween at our house. There are no kids around our neighborhood. I get very scared for cats, especially during Halloween season. So much is on the local news about animal cruelty. Great article. Voted.