How To Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Yard and Garden
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How To Choose the Best Pet-Friendly Yard and Garden

When you have a pet, especially a dog, it is important to provide a safe environment for your pet. Dogs love the outdoors and are very curious creatures. Be sure your dog has a safe, pet-friendly yard and garden for which to roam, romp, play and nibble.

As the owner of pets, you are aware that they are very inquisitive creatures. Just as with farm animals, dogs and cats love to graze outdoors. They will sniff and nibble on plants and flowers that appear interesting to them and most of them are. For this reason, it is imperative that your yard contain outdoor plants that are safe and pet-friendly for the safety of your beloved pets. These are tips on how to choose the best pet-friendly yard and garden.

As with any big decision, doing your research and planning ahead is important in creating a safe, pet-friendly yard. Beauty and upkeep shouldn’t be your only decision when choosing outdoor plants. The Humane Society provides a listing of plants that are poisonous to pets, which you can use for guidance in planning your yard.

Grass is a pet-friendly plant that dogs and cats love to romp and graze in just as most farm animals do. Pets like the taste and the texture of the blades of grass, and they use the grass as a self-medication for digestive upset, according to the website, Dogs and cats eat the grass, which helps them to vomit, relieving the upset in their stomachs.

Ornamental grasses are a great addition to your yard. It is very hardy, poses no threat to pets and can work as a barrier around sections of the yard that you would like to keep as pet-free. Even the pet-free areas should be safe and non-toxic.

With a varied choice of pet-friendly outdoor plants, it is best to decide on plants for their hardiness as well as appearance. Your pets aren’t going to be gentle and careful around the plants. Select plants such as bamboo, sweet woodruff, cotoneaster, thyme and periwinkle, which are very hardy, woody plants. Sweet woodruff and creeping thyme are great groundcovers as well. These types of plants can withstand being walked on and nibbled on while maintaining beauty in the yard.

Along with picturesque pet-friendly green outdoor plants, there are many fragrant and pretty flowers that you can safely add to the yard as well. Some non-toxic flowers include marigolds, snapdragons, Rex Begonias, honeysuckle fuchsia, bachelor buttons and hollyhocks. Careful planning can produce a pet-friendly outdoor garden. Your pet may spend a great deal of time in the yard, most often unattended. You want to be sure it is a safe environment. Remember to always provide a special place for your pet to retreat out of the sun and have ample water available as well.

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