Best Dog Walking and Dog Sitter Service in Jackson, Mississippi
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Best Dog Walking and Dog Sitter Service in Jackson, Mississippi

Who is a good pet sitter in Jackson, Mississippi? Who is a good dog walker in Jackson, Mississippi? What services does Excel pets offer? What services does priority pets offer? Who are the best people to look after my pets while I am at work? Who will look after my pets while I am on holiday from Jackson, Mississippi?

One of the problems that pet owners often encounter is in regards to finding a good dog sitter, or dog walker. Certainly you can use a neighborhood kid, but they may not be reliable, or trustworthy with the keys to your home. They may not be able to give medications, and ultimately may not have the experience you want.

Pet sitters offer home security in addition to pet care and exercise. They will bring in your mail, water your plants, and give the home a lived-in feel. Pet sitters have a huge advantage over taking your pet to a kennel in that the pet will be more relaxed in the comfort of its own home.

Dog walkers are people that will come to your home to walk your dog. This is a terrific service for people who work in the day as it allows the dog a chance to get out of the home in the middle of the day. Dog walkers are also valuable if you are otherwise unable to walk your dog, or for letting puppies out for quick pee breaks.

There are a few professional pet sitters, and dog walkers in Jackson, Mississippi, we have reviewed them and selected two of the best.

Excel Pet Care

Excel Pet Care is owned by Marsh and Jim Jones, breeders of Shetland sheepdogs. Marsha has experience working in a veterinarian's office so is quite familiar with many pet health concerns and is able to give medication when needed.

Excel Pet Care has two levels of service, their basic package and premium package. In the basic package pets receive a 30 minute visit, including a short walk, playtime, yard, or litter box, clean up, with medications given for an extra fee. In the premium package pets receive a 45 minute visit which includes a longer walk, or extended playtime, and medications are given at no additional charge.

Excel Pet Care also offers a pet taxi service. They limit dog walking to two dogs at a time.

Priority Pets

Priority Pets is owned and run by Julia Cranford. She grew up on a farm and is very familiar with most kinds of pets, although she does admit she is not particularly fond of snakes.

Julia started pet sitting in 2005 and along sons, they offer pet sitting services and some dog walking. They are bonded and insured. Priority Pets will care for your pets in their own home, playing with dogs in their yard, or walking them if required. They also provide basic home security in the form of bringing in your mail, and keeping an eye on your property when they make their checks.

Priority Pets will give medication if needed, including insulin shots at no additional charge. They will be happy to text you to let you know how your pets are doing.

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